Military ranks and insignia of the GUSF


襟章肩章袖章階 級 名
襟章 元帥 / Collar patch of Fleet Admiral肩章 元帥 / Shoulder mark of Fleet Admiral袖章 元帥 / Sleeve emblem of Fleet Admiral元 帥
Fleet Admiral
襟章 大将 / Collar patch of Admiral肩章 大将 / Shoulder mark of Admiral袖章 大将 / Sleeve emblem of Admiral大 将
襟章 中将 / Collar patch of Vice Admiral肩章 中将 / Shoulder mark of Vice Admiral袖章 中将 / Sleeve emblem of Vice Admiral中 将
Vice Admiral
襟章 少将 / Collar patch of Rear Admiral肩章 少将 / Shoulder mark of Rear Admiral袖章 少将 / Sleeve emblem of Rear Admiral少 将
Rear Admiral
襟章 准将 / Collar patch of Commodore肩章 准将 / Shoulder mark of Commodore袖章 准将 / Sleeve emblem of Commodore准 将
襟章 大佐 / Collar patch of Captain肩章 大佐 / Shoulder mark of Captain袖章 大佐 / Sleeve emblem of Captain大 佐
襟章 中佐 / Collar patch of Commander肩章 中佐 / Shoulder mark of Commander袖章 中佐 / Sleeve emblem of Commander中 佐
襟章 少佐 / Collar patch of Lieutenant Commander肩章 少佐 / Shoulder mark of Lieutenant Commander袖章 少佐 / Sleeve emblem of Lieutenant Commander少 佐
Lieutenant Commander
襟章 大尉 / Collar patch of Lieutenant Senior Grade肩章 大尉 / Shoulder mark of Lieutenant Senior Grade袖章 大尉 / Sleeve emblem of Lieutenant Senior Grade大 尉
Lieutenant Senior Grade
襟章 中尉 / Collar patch of Lieutenant Junior Grade肩章 中尉 / Shoulder mark of Lieutenant Junior Grade袖章 中尉 / Sleeve emblem of Lieutenant Junior Grade中 尉
Lieutenant Junior Grade
襟章 少尉 / Collar patch of Ensign肩章 少尉 / Shoulder mark of Ensign袖章 少尉 / Sleeve emblem of Ensign少 尉
襟章 上級准尉 / Collar patch of Chief Warrant Officer肩章 上級准尉 / Shoulder mark of Chief Warrant Officer袖章 上級准尉 / Sleeve emblem of Chief Warrant Officer上級准尉
Chief Warrant Officer
襟章 准尉 / Collar patch of Warrant Officer肩章 准尉 / Shoulder mark of Warrant Officer袖章 准尉 / Sleeve emblem of Warrant Officer准 尉
Warrant Officer
襟章 士官候補 / Collar patch of Officer Candidate肩章 士官候補 / Shoulder mark of Officer Candidate袖章 士官候補 / Sleeve emblem of Officer Candidate士官候補
Officer Candidate
襟章肩章袖章階 級 名
襟章 先任曹長 / Collar patch of Master Chief Petty Officer肩章 先任曹長 / Shoulder mark of Master Chief Petty Officer袖章 先任曹長 / Sleeve emblem of Master Chief Petty Officer最先任曹長
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Space Force
襟章 先任曹長 / Collar patch of Master Chief Petty Officer肩章 先任曹長 / Shoulder mark of Master Chief Petty Officer袖章 先任曹長 / Sleeve emblem of Master Chief Petty Officer先任曹長
Master Chief Petty Officer
襟章 上級曹長 / Collar patch of Senior Chief Petty Officer肩章 上級曹長 / Shoulder mark of Senior Chief Petty Officer袖章 上級曹長 / Sleeve emblem of Senior Chief Petty Officer上級曹長
Senior Chief Petty Officer
襟章 曹長 / Collar patch of Chief Petty Officer肩章 曹長 / Shoulder mark of Chief Petty Officer袖章 曹長 / Sleeve emblem of Chief Petty Officer曹 長
Chief Petty Officer
襟章 一等軍曹 / Collar patch of Petty Officer First Class肩章 一等軍曹 / Shoulder mark of Petty Officer First Class袖章 一等軍曹 / Sleeve emblem of Petty Officer First Class一等軍曹
Petty Officer First Class
襟章 二等軍曹 / Collar patch of Petty Officer Second Class肩章 二等軍曹 / Shoulder mark of Petty Officer Second Class袖章 二等軍曹 / Sleeve emblem of Petty Officer Second Class二等軍曹
Petty Officer Second Class
襟章 三等軍曹 / Collar patch of Petty Officer Third Class肩章 三等軍曹 / Shoulder mark of Petty Officer Third Class袖章 三等軍曹 / Sleeve emblem of Petty Officer Third Class三等軍曹
Petty Officer Third Class
襟章 伍長 / Collar patch of Petty Officer Fourth Class肩章 伍長 / Shoulder mark of Petty Officer Fourth Class袖章 / Sleeve emblem of Petty Officer Fourth Class伍 長
Petty Officer Fourth Class
襟章 士長 / Collar patch of Leading Spaceman肩章 士長 / Shoulder mark of Leading Spaceman袖章 士長 / Sleeve emblem of Leading Spaceman士 長
Leading Spaceman
襟章 一等士 / Collar patch of Spaceman肩章 一等士 / Shoulder mark of Spaceman袖章 一等士 / Sleeve emblem of Spaceman一等士
襟章 二等士 / Collar patch of Apprentice Spaceman肩章 二等士/ Shoulder mark of Apprentice Spaceman袖章 二等士 / Sleeve emblem of Apprentice Spaceman二等士
Apprentice Spaceman
襟章 二等士候補 / Collar patch of Recruit Spaceman肩章 二等士候補 / Shoulder mark of Recruit SpacemanN/A二等士候補
Recruit Spaceman

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